Monat: April 2013

AGCW Special Award: 222th Birthday of Samuel F.B. Morse

On this occasion AGCW issues a special award for radio amateurs and short wave listeners world wide. Eligible contacts – CW/A1A contacts in of the calendar year 2013. (Note: A1A means that machine decoders are excluded) There are 3 award classes: gold, silver, and bronze. GOLD – Work/hear 222 members of AGCW and 2 AGCW […]

New member lists for award cross check

Today I have added some new member lists for the cross-check with your log on from the following clubs: Activity Group of Belarus (AGB) Radio Telegraphy High Speed Club (HSC) International Club of Diplomed Radioamateurs (KDR) Royal Air Force Amateur Radio Society (RAFARS) Marconi Club (MARCONSTA) Diplom Sammler Waterkant (DSW) Union Française des Télégraphiste […]