New feature for ham radio awards on

There are many HAM clubs that put out members awards for the work with members. In order to facilitate the fulfillment of the conditions I have implemented a new feature. The new feature checks your log with a club membership list and shows the members you have worked. The generated results can be saved for further processing as CSV. I will try to update this list continuously.

So far I’ve included the following membership lists:

Förderverein Amateurfunkmuseum e. V. (AFM)
Arbeitsgemeinschaft Telegrafie DL (AGCW)
Diplom Interessengruppe (DIG)
International Federation of Railway Radio Amateurs (FIRAC)
Holzhammer Club (HHC)
Interessengemeinschaft funkender Bergbauangehöriger (IGARAG)
Japanese radio Amateurs in Germany (JAIG)
Marinefunker-Runde e.V. (MF)
OKDX Foundation (OKDXF)
Red Ink Award (RIA)
Russian Robinson Club (RRC)