DX-Calendar for external sites

I programmed a new function with that you can embed your personal DX calendar on an external site. An example can be seen on QRZ.com.

There are two ways to integrate your personal DX calendar. The first is the iframe HTML tag, which I will explain shortly. And the second option is a wrapper,  if you use a CMS like Joomla, WordPress …

To include the DX Calendar via an iframe, you have to get your ID from your account. These are found under the menu item „Profile“.


Now you replace the ID in the following script with the ID of you:

align = "from" 
frameborder = "1" 
height = "480" 
marginheight = "0px" 
marginwidth = "0px" 
name = "myiframe" 
scrolling = "auto" 
src = "http://dx-info.de/weeklycalendar.php?user_id=25" 
width =" 720 "
style ="border: 0px none # FFFFFF; "> 

That’s it. The script you can now paste on your page.